Reachbird Sports connects athletes with brands - making social media advertising as easy and effective as it has never been before.

Our advanced technology allows brands to find the best sports-related social media influencers for their campaign - offering a whole new way to reach their target group. Throughout this process we provide both influencer and advertiser with analytics designed to track and measure the success of the campaign.

You're an athlete and you want to make profit from your social media posts?

You're an advertiser and want to push your sales, increase your communication effectivity and raise your brand awareness?

Start creating powerful influencer marketing campaigns with Reachbird Sports now!

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How it works

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Our algorithm filters the influencers according to campaign relevant criteria (e.g. verticals, region, age and sex) - finding the perfect match for both brand and athlete.

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Sport Influencer and advertiser are connected via Reachbird Sports - exchanging all relevant information for the campaign.

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High engagement rates in Instagram sports accounts grant a profound interaction with the target group.

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Both quantitative and qualitative analytics give detailed insights into success and possible improvements of the campaign.


Influencer Marketing campaigns bring your product to life - integrating it into engaging content and a lively surrounding!

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Engagement Rate 12% = (6.306 Likes + 67 Comments) / 51.900 Follower


Reachbird Sports helps you to find the perfect influencer for a wide range of topics and industries.

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Meet the birds

The Reachbird team consists of young, motivated marketing and IT-experts that want to improve the new field of influencer marketing for our clients. Everyday we develop and expand our platform in order to facilitate the creation of smart and successful campaigns.

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Philipp Martin

CEO & Co-Founder

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Julian Freese

CMO & Co-Founder

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Benedikt Ess

COO & Co-Founder

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Stefan Debortoli