SPONSORS reports on Reachbird Sports

24 January 2017 /

Influencer: Mesut Özil vs. Bene Mayr  Profis wie Mesut Özil zählen zu den deutschen Stars in den sozialen Medien. Für viele werbetreibende Unternehmen sind Fußball-Testimonials aber nicht in Budget-Reichweite. Doch es gibt eine Lösung für den...


Trending market eSports

07 December 2016 / editorial

One of the most common questions when talking about eSports is: what differs eSports from „real“ sport? According to ESL (originally Electronic Sports League, which is the largest video game event company in the world) eSports combine abilities such as hand-eye-coordination, dexterity...


Athletes as Influencers on social media

20 October 2016 / editorial

Sport stars have a big influence on their supporters. Their fans buy tickets, merchandising articles and several other products which are related to their idol. The supporters want to adopt their daily lifestyle and follow the opinion of their idols. Since ages, professional athletes have been...


Athletes have the chance to build their own digital sports brand

01 September 2016 / editorial

An athlete is not just an athlete anymore. Besides his skills on the pitch a player is also an important marketing tool for his club. He’s a brand ambassador and represents his colours offline and online. As the clubs and federations can multiply their social media reach by involving their...


How product placement can look like with athletes

18 August 2016 / editorial

As a best practice example for product placement we often name our Influencer Tina Weirather. Besides the big and often expensive advertising/sponsoring deals through traditional media, brands have now the opportunity to reach and engage their customer base in a more effective and often cheaper...


The Olympic Games - be part of the story! 

01 August 2016 / editorial

Story telling is THE essential part of a successful social media marketing strategy - more than ever when this story is not artificially created by an expensive agency but happens in real life. Every four years we do not only witness one of the biggest sports events of the world, but also some the...