Athletes as Influencers on social media

20 October 2016 / editorial

Sport stars have a big influence on their supporters. Their fans buy tickets, merchandising articles and several other products which are related to their idol. The supporters want to adopt their daily lifestyle and follow the opinion of their idols.

Since ages, professional athletes have been around as testimonials on television, newspapers, magazines, etc. They create connections between brands and consumers. Nowadays social media platforms, such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat, revolutionize the advertising industry. Therefore, sport stars have now the opportunity to engage a larger audience through the different social media channels and digitize their sponsoring activities. Due to social media athletes can spread their opinion on products and services they love in a much more authentic and native way. The advertising message reaches the audience in the fastest and most direct way. For the fans, it has never been simpler to get news about their sport stars in real time. Individual interactions between the supporter and the athlete take place on a wide range of social media platforms. This can also take place with product promotions where athletes recommend products and services, they really like and feel comfortable with.