The Olympic Games - be part of the story! 

01 August 2016 / editorial

Story telling is THE essential part of a successful social media marketing strategy - more than ever when this story is not artificially created by an expensive agency but happens in real life. Every four years we do not only witness one of the biggest sports events of the world, but also some the most emotional moments in sports history.


The Olympic Games regularly create heroes, tell us tragic stories about unexpected defeats or simply about every athlete‘s passion for sports and their lifetime dream of being part of this event coming true. The 2016 Olympic Games in Rio are no exception - they already created those fascinating moments and boosted the attention for every athletes personal story. 


That is why next to the classical channels like TV or newspapers the athlete’s own social media channels gain more and more importance - the rapidly growing fanbase within the personal accounts are proof of the fascinating impact unfiltered behind-the-scenes information and the athletes personal view have in todays media reception. 


The exceptional engagement rates of German Olympians like Newcomer Andreas Toba (up to 59%) or better known handball goal keeper Andreas Wolff (up to 18%) already give an idea of the huge potential brands have to interact with fans and engage with them through athletes. The result of this trend is a win-win-win: Companies have the chance to be part of emotional stories, athletes profit directly of their own adventures and the fans are much closer to their idols.